User Provisioning
Automated Policy-Driven Access Provisioning and Revocation
HR-Driven Provisioning

Many organizations use a Human Capital Management (HCM) system to maintain user data for employees and to initiate all status changes. This includes the pre-hire interview process, start-date, transfers and terminations – all of which are managed and initiated within the HCM. EmpowerID integrates with an organization’s HCM to provision and de-provision access to both Cloud and on-premise applications. EmpowerID ensures that each user has the correct amount of access for their position based on flexible role and attribute-based policies. When a user's association with the organization is at an end, termination workflows support multi-step immediate or staged termination of all accounts and access.
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Non-HR Driven Provisioning
Not all users that require access to an organization’s IT systems will reside in an HCM system, yet they require the same level of security and automation. For these identities, the EmpowerID Identity Warehouse effectively becomes the HCM, allowing lifecycle management of these identities. Flexible and easy to use workflow processes automate onboarding, transfer, and offboarding for these users. The same policy-based provisioning engine automates what access gets provisioned for these identities based on their roles, and organizational affiliation.
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External Identity Directory

External users have become a key player in many organizations’ business processes. These users require access on your network, but they may not require AD accounts. The EmpowerID Identity Warehouse allows you to offer self-registration and manual provisioning of identities (for your suppliers, partners, customers and other external users) without compromising internal AD security. The Identity Warehouse provides full self-service and delegated administration capabilities that allow end users to manage their own passwords and identity associations.
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Connects to All of Your Systems

EmpowerID’s Identity Warehouse and synchronization services support user provisioning and security management for on premise and cloud systems, and provide the ability to perform live real-time administration using workflows. Most popular systems are fully supported with in-depth functionality for provisioning and administration for Office 365, Google Apps, Amazon AWS,, AD, LDAP, AS/400,, local groups on Windows Servers, SharePoint, and others. Custom-developed applications can be easily accommodated using the EmpowerID Universal Connector, which greatly simplifies connecting EmpowerID to a custom system, without any need for specialized training.
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API and Workflows

User provisioning activities are fully accessible through the EmpowerID API. EmpowerID includes over 700 out of the box visually-designed IAM workflows. The powerful EmpowerID Workflow Studio designer allows users to implement these workflows in a variety of ways. Workflows can be used as designed, can be modified for your specific needs, or new ones can be created reusing the existing workflow components. All workflows are easy to initiate from the friendly REST API.
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