Customer Identities
Strengthen Customer Relationships With Personalized Security
The Power of Identity for Smart Customer Experiences

EmpowerID provides a complete solution for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) that enables organizations to provide a customer experience that’s both secure and personalized to their specific needs. A 360-degree view, creating a single company-wide customer profile, allows each department to deliver individualized service to help build loyalty. This unified view of the customer and their preferences enables a seamless experience and provides valuable insight to sales and support staff. EmpowerID's Virtual Directory Service presents a unified view of customer identities, even across many fragmented heterogeneous systems.
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One Click Access - Because First Impressions Matter

One click access through social login can boost adoption rates and enhance your brand's impression with users. Customers can signup or login to any of your back-end applications with their favorite social media login (like Facebook, Twitter, or Google). Once registered, any additional access is automatically provisioned automatically to behind-the-scenes applications. A powerful progressive profiling engine will enrich your user profiles gradually over time in order to maintain a hassle-free signup experience. Your brand team has granular control over all aspects of the customer experience, including the branding and customization of pages and workflows. For organizations that require an extra level of control, EmpowerID exposes all this functionality out of the box, via our easy to use APIs.
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Seamless Access Across All of Your Customer's Devices

EmpowerID solves the username / password management nightmare when customers access your systems using multiple devices. Customers can access all of your web and mobile content and applications from anywhere and on any device with a single login of their choosing. This login can be an existing Social media login or a branded identity you create to unify their access experience. Convenient, optional, multi-factor login options can enhance their personal security without creating a hassle or slowing down the login process.
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