Identity for Finance
Identity Process Automation for Financial Services
A Solid Portfolio in the Financial Sector

Many leading, global banks and financial institutions rely on EmpowerID to secure their most critical assets. EmpowerID has a long and proven track record in financial services and understands the unique business challenges that these organizations face. Banking and financial institutions face a variety of identity management challenges including stringent country-specific regulations, privacy concerns and evolving laws. They are also challenged by the overwhelming number of IT systems used, frequent restructuring due to mergers and acquisitions, and the constant threat of internal and external attacks and data breaches. To thrive in these extreme conditions, Identity and Access Management spending is higher in finance than in any other industry and accounts for roughly 30% of the typical financial institution's information security budget. With the stakes this high, a sophisticated and unified platform can unite heterogeneous systems to enhance security and add value. EmpowerID has proven itself in this space by providing a unified end to end platform that exceeds the unique needs of the financial sector and delivers an exceptional value for the investment.
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Uniting Complex Globally Distributed Environments

In financial services, complexity is often the rule, not the exception. Many banks and financial services organizations have a multitude of independent IAM tools already in place. In many cases, there may be several of these tools in place, distributed across business units around the world and overlapping in their functionality and systems coverage. Such complex environments can make identity management and compliance exceedingly difficult. Even with all of these IAM tool investments, organizations typically lack a centralized identity and entitlement repository that allows them to view and control who has access to IT resources. With multiple tools acting as user interfaces for identity self-service, administration, and back-end automation, it becomes almost impossible to protect and audit access to these managed systems. EmpowerID has been proven to provide unique value in these complex, extremely diverse, and distributed IT environments by unifying identity data into a single logical repository. With a single, consistent and auditable security model that can extend across all systems, EmpowerID serves as a single point of integration between disparate tools. The flexibility of EmpowerID allows the consolidation of legacy IAM tools onto a single, modern, future-proof platform.
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Security that Understands Finance

Financial institutions have evolved to thrive in extremely challenging competitive and regulatory environments. In response, they typically have mapped out detailed organizational structures and adopted well-defined business processes. This rich infrastructure creates a unique opportunity to fully realize the benefits of role-based security. The EmpowerID platform uses this detailed infrastructure to automate access to systems and simplify the burden of frequent compliance audits. EmpowerID’s unique role and attribute-based security was specifically designed to support the most challenging and complex global financial institutions. EmpowerID’s Role and location-based delegation can be configured to represent an organization’s actual structure. This allows IT staff to perform their tasks without native permissions and with a proven digital wall that prevents and detects policy violations.
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