Group Management
Group Self-Service, Delegated Admin, and Dynamic Membership
Self-Service Group Shopping

EmpowerID brings a familiar shopping cart experience to the group access request process. Users simply search for the groups they need and put them in their cart. Managers may shop for multiple direct reports at the same time submitting a bulk request to save time. And requests can be made for permanent or temporary access. When the user is done shopping, they simply submit their request. The EmpowerID workflow engine determines from your organizational rules, what approvals are needed, and who must approve each. EmpowerID automatically generates requests and tracks their status. All participants are kept informed by email notifications and all requests, decisions and associated fulfillment actions are recorded and integrated into the access recertification process.
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Delegated Administration
Traditionally, IT administrators only had to worry about managing groups in a few well know on-premise systems, but the rapid adoption of cloud applications has changed the landscape dramatically. This creates an immense group management challenge for IT security departments because each system becomes its own security island with its own set of users and groups to manage. EmpowerID solves this security challenge by applying a single security model that replaces multiple native security administration tools. Group admins can perform identity administration and manage all their groups from a single web-based console. They can even delegate access management to non-technical group owners to manage group access using a non-technical interface.
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Dynamic Group Automation
Automating the bulk of your group management tasks is the key to lowering management costs and keeping wait times low. EmpowerID’s Dynamic Hierarchies engine is like an auto-pilot for the security and distribution groups most organizations need. It automatically creates, and manages group membership and retires groups based on the most common criteria (manager, department, location, etc.). EmpowerID also automates membership for your static groups. Each internal and external user identity has a lifecycle that may include 20+% internal turnover per year. EmpowerID monitors and detects these changes to automatically adjust group memberships, ensuring that new access is granted quickly and excess access eliminated.
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Manage On-Premise and Cloud Groups
EmpowerID manages your groups wherever they might be. Our huge library of connectors allows for rapid onboarding of commercial Cloud and on-premise applications. EmpowerID fully supports the most popular systems with in-depth functionality for managing groups and roles in systems such as: Office 365, Google Apps, Amazon AWS,, AD, LDAP, AS/400, and EmpowerID also supports local groups on Windows Servers, and SharePoint, and can easily accommodate custom-developed applications using the EmpowerID Universal Connector. The Universal Connector greatly simplifies connecting EmpowerID to a custom system, saving start-up time with no need for specialized training.
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Compliance and Recertification
EmpowerID also allows your directory security team to breeze through audits. The modern organization, has groups scattered across a wide mix of on-premise and Cloud applications and directories. This highly fragmented and siloed environment creates huge data access challenges when performing group membership recertification. But with EmpowerID this process becomes almost automatic. We continuously monitor and inventory your on-premise and Cloud directories to detect group memberships and any changes. EmpowerID handles the entire group lifecycle, so a complete audit trail already exists when audit time comes around. And EmpowerID also includes built-in attestation policies and risk-based separation of duties policies to support rapid group membership recertification and restrict toxic combinations of access.
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Reporting and Alerting

EmpowerID brings intelligence and in-depth visibility to assist with managing your Cloud and on-premise groups. All systems are continuously inventoried and monitored for changes. This includes the creation of new groups, group membership changes, and deletion of groups. All changes are logged and the source of the change is noted. Alerts can notify group owners and administrators when membership changes in sensitive groups. These changes can also be rolled back automatically if desired. Hundreds of statistics and metrics are displayed in friendly dashboards allowing visibility into how your environment is changing and a large list of out of the box reports keeps everyone up to date.
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