Frequently Asked Questions
Q:How is EmpowerID licensed?
A:EmpowerID pricing is based on the number of users (people, not inventoried user accounts) per module. This includes all client software components and the right to run as many servers and CPUs as desired for the licensed modules. A one-time purchase grants clients the perpetual right to use the licensed modules. EmpowerID also offers subscription pricing when requested.
Q:Is EmpowerID offered as a hosted cloud/subscription service?
A:No. However, EmpowerID has partners that offer hosted cloud/ subscription services based on EmpowerID. EmpowerID plans a Cloud-based subscription service to be launched late 2019.
Q:Do you charge for system/service accounts?
A:No. EmpowerID licensing is based on the count of EmpowerID Person objects. The provision rule that creates Person objects is configured by default to exclude service accounts.
Q:Does EmpowerID offer volume discounts for larger purchases?
A:Yes, volume discounts are tiered as the number of user licenses increases.
Q:Is there a license cost for deploying EmpowerID in test and QA environments?
A:No. Clients may run as many EmpowerID servers as necessary for providing high availability, test environments, and redundant servers for no additional charge.
Q:What are the licensable EmpowerID modules?
A:Base Platform (RBAC/ABAC, Workflow, Audit), User Manager, Group Manager, File Share Manager, SharePoint Manager, SSO Manager, Password Manager, O365 Manager, Compliance Manager, Role Mining Manager, Shared Password Manager, Session Manager and Computer Manager.
Q:What is the cost for software maintenance and support, and what does it include?
A:Annual Standard Software Maintenance and Support is typically based on a pre-agreed contract. Maintenance fees are 20% of the software license fee, purchased as part of the initial purchase and again annually.

Standard Software Maintenance and Support includes access to all upgrades and patches. It also includes Monday through Friday 8 am to 5pm EST coverage with access to support via online forums, email, and phone. The guaranteed initial response time for Standard Software Maintenance and Supports is one US business day.

Optional Extended Software Maintenance and Support is also available at 40% of the software license fee, purchased at time of initial purchase and again annually. Extended Software Maintenance and Support includes access to all upgrades and patches. It adds 24 hour per day 7 day per week coverage with hotline and pager access and a guaranteed initial response time of 4 hours.
Q:How can I receive a trial of EmpowerID?
A:EmpowerID offers both hosted trials and downloadable trials. Hosted trials are recommended for organizations wanting to evaluate the standard features of EmpowerID in a pre-configured environment without the hassle of worrying about hardware and software requirements.
Q:What are the basic software and hardware requirements to trial EmpowerID?
A:The basic setup recommended for a trial installation consists of a minimum of 2 servers. A Microsoft SQL 2016 or greater server with 6 cores and 24 Gb of RAM and a Web/Application Server running Windows Server 2016 or greater with IIS, .NET 4.5.2, 6 cores and 24 Gb of RAM. Detailed SW and HW requirements can be viewed in our online documentation: Installation and Configuration Guide.
Q:What is the average amount of consulting work for a small to medium project installation of EmpowerID with training?
A:The average small project includes about 3-4 weeks of consulting. This includes 3-4 days of Admin training classes. Software installation and validation usually takes about 1-2 days with the remainder of the time spent on RBAC delegation design, assistance, and workflow customizations.
Q:How is training delivered?
A:EmpowerID Admin training is delivered as a 4 day class either on-site or remotely via Go to Meeting screen sharing sessions. EmpowerID Workflow Developer training is also delivered as a 4 day class either on-site or remotely via Go to Meeting screen sharing sessions. n example of the Workflow Developer training curriculum is available by request.
Q:How are requests for custom development handled?
A:EmpowerID employs a team of workflow developers that are available to assist with custom development. A Business Analyst from EmpowerID will meet with the client to define the project scope and requirements and then produce an estimate of the amount of effort required.